mijj - beware of chaos ...

this site is purely a place for messing around in and taking random notes

things to produce

the idea is to give bounds to my random meandering

favicon - DONE

  • create a site/section favicons.

front page design

  • dilbert.
  • clock
  • browser info
  • google maps location info (ref browser info)

knowledge of MODx

  • do the tutorials.
  • experiment with MODx xPDO php/mySQL system.

javascript free panels

  • maybe the css :target attribute can be used to do this.
  • keep in mind that i intend to use (eventually, when i feel familiar enuf with html/js/css techniques) to use extjs for behaviour .. and that includes panels. So .. is there any need to put a lot of work into this?

a browser warning

  • anyone coming to the site will get a warning if they're not using firefox
  • prepare a question for the modx forum re snippet php browser info and why it's not the same as stand-alone php browser info.
    ref: browserInfoViaPHP
    update! the snippet problem turned out to be a cache problem. That stumbling block has been cleared

a clean template system

  • All pages will start with a standard css reset.
  • what style and layout will all segments of the site have in common (master template?)?
  • where are templates free to differ in terms of style and layout (master template > segment template?)

a working use of <video>

  • pick a video
  • i've found enough info, use that to firm up a solid procedure for putting a vid on an html5 page

a working .htaccess - DONE

  • .htaccess properly deals with www.mijj.info and mijj.info
  • .htaccess has other useful functions -experiment and implement them

upload XAMPP site

  • i need to work out how to upload the xampp site rather than have to install a fresh modx to attach a db to. - reminder - the uploaded site (with the neccessary file tweaks) works for visiting - but fails (blank page) to allow access to the manager.
  • done - except, i need to log the steps. The key is, in preperation for switching databases (in core/config/config.inc.php), flush the MODx system.
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